Technical Assistance Center for the Disabled under Social Security and Ministry of Labour director Ilona Ogurcova


Date of birth - 1976. 11 May. (Lithuania)

In 2004. graduated from Vilnius Gediminas Technical University and acquired the specialty of biomechanics. Achieved a Master's degree. Research work on the topic "The laser radiation penetration devices applicable to urology, proctology and gynecology."
2006 - 2009 m. studied law and management in Lithuanias Law University and achieved Master's degree. Research work on the topic "Meaning of medical norms while detecting doctors proffesional standards"

Deepened competencies in training:

• 2004. A. Jonkus and partners, public relations and management consulting (Lithuania) - Crisis Management.
• 2005. VGPUL (Lithuania) - shoulder surgery.
• 2005. Scientific-practical seminar (Lithuania) - Biomdlore'05 (06), orthopedics, locomotion, artificial organs.
• 2006. Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (Poland) - Biomdlore'06 (07), orthopedics, locomotion, artificial organs.

• 2006. VU MF Lithuanian Society of Gastroenterology (Lithuania) - Orthopaedics help to rheumatologic patients.
• 2006. VU MF (Lithuania) - Actual outpatient surgery and gynecological issues.
• 2006. VU MF Lithuanian Society of Gastroenterology (Lithuania) - Osteoporosis.
• 2007. VU MF (Lithuania) - rehabilitation.
• 2007. Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (Lithuania) - orthopedics, locomotion, artificial organs.
• 2010. Public Health Center - continuous training.
• 2010. Health care institutions accounting system (Lithuania) - Management Accounting features.
• 2010. OPIC (Lithuania) - Procurement, Procurement Planning, organization and execution.

Professional experience:

• State Health Care Accreditation Agency under the Ministry of Health, medical devices market surveillance.
• UAB Orthopedic Appliances, Vilnius department director.
• Trakai county ambulance station director.
• Medical consultancy company PI Const CC founder.


AMZ Kutno (Poland) - ambulances and other equipments manufacturing and application in specialists work
CHM (Poland) - osteosynthesis implants, production and practical use.
Altimed International (Switzerland) - osteosynthesis, artificial joints, implantology.

Pool, gardening, health activities, cooking.

Marital status: