List of services

Technical assistance distribution, supply and repair:

  • in accordance with the approved methodology and agreement with the Center, technical assistance devices are distributed to the other Centers regional offices;
  • organizes technical assistance devices transportation from the central warehouse to the other Centers regional offices;
  • in accordance with the provision of technical assistance devices for the disabled approved procedures, technical assistance devices are issued for district municipal agencies and individual citizens for permanent use and lease basis;
  • in accordance with the Centers established procedure, carries out a supply of electric wheelchairs for people with disabilities;
  • consults people on technical assistance devices acquisition costs payout procedure and hands out their submitted documents to the Center's directors formed commission for the payment of compensation;
  • carries out the research on technical assistance devices need in the district, compiles statistics on the use of technical assistance devices and provides the analysed data to the Center;
  • in accordance with established methodology, performs to each district municipality a technical assistance devices distribution by different  types and controls their release;
  • to effectively provide people with technical assistance devices, Center cooperates with other Central departments, exchanges information and, if possible, technical assistance devices;
  • cooperates with suppliers for  technical assistance devices supply and quality questions;
  • cooperates with repair firms, organizes technical assistance devices repairs, customization, returned goods renovation;
  • in accordance with the Centers established procedure organizes electric wheelchair repairs;
  • provides orders to the Center for a special use of technical assistance devices  manufacturing;
  • personally selects and adjusts technical assistance devices for the disabled individual, plus training how to use them;

Technical assistance devices purchase availability, quality and effectiveness:

  • coordinates activities with health care institutions, municipal agencies, and if necessary, with the disabled associations, leads technical assistance devices issuance and repayment records and performs returns;
  • checks the technical assistance devices repair, customization and renovation work quality;
  • carries out technical assistance devices utilisation agreements control with municipal agencies;
  • collects user feedbacks on the use of technical assistance devices and gives proposals to the Center for technical assistance devices effective use and improvement;
  • according to the competence, established procedure examines individual complaints and proposals for the provision of technical assistance devices by their means of access, quality, customization and so on;

Program execution management:

  • compiles methodological information and documentation of technical assistance devices issues and forwards it to the Center;
  • informs the general public about the possible acquisition of technical assistance devices;
  • organizes seminars, conferences, and provides consultations in relation to acquisition of technical assistance devices;

Technical Assistance Center for the Disabled under Social Security and Ministry of Labour 
Company code 190789945
Mindaugo 42A, LT-01311, Vilnius
A/s No. LT767300010002458220 "Swedbank"